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Advanced Orthopaedics Academy (AOA) is a dedicated platform for Post graduate (DNB/MS) and Undergraduate (MBBS) academic discussion. It is designed for discussion of commonly asked questions in exam point of view, case discussion, tips and tricks in Orthopaedics and queries related to it. It covers all most all aspects of Orthopaedics such as Trauma, Arthroplasty, Arthroscopy, Paediatric Orthopaedics, Spine, Foot and Ankle, Hand and Peripheral nervous system, Deformity correction, Metabolic bone disorders, Bone tumours, Infection and recent Advances in Orthopaedics. It also contain a space to address the patients query and general information.

About Patient Care

Mar 29

Knee replacement

Knee replacement is a procedure by which the old and degenerated surface of the knee joint is replaced by metal implants with highly cross linked polyethylene in between. This procedure recreates a healthy joint with balanced ligaments with a good range of movement.
Mar 29

hip replacement

Hip replacement procedure helps to replace the degenerated or broken hip to an artificial hip made up of metal or ceramic and polyethylene material. This implant helps to bear the total body weight of the individual and provide natural movements of the hip.
Mar 29

shoulder replacement

Shoulder replacement surgery is indicated in degrative shoulder joint or with fractured proximal humerus to regain the pre injury status. Two types of implants such as total shoulder replacement and reverse shoulder replacement are available and can be used depending upon the requirements and indications.
Mar 29

Elbow replacement

Elbow replacement surgery provides a fully functional elbow in a individual with post injury or degenerated elbow joint. In this procedure mainly the distal end of humerus and proximal end of ulna is replaced.
Mar 29

Navigated joint replacement

Navigation and Robotic surgery in joint replacement surgeries are meant for precision and error free bone cuts and placement of the implants in the perfect place. These instruments are equipped with high end technology with cutting edge instrumentation.
Mar 29

sports injury care

Sports related injuries involves ligament, tendon and muscle injury. Recovery of these injuries plays vital role particularly for a sports person who wants to reach the pre injury status. Manipulation, medications and procedures designed specifically for such injuries are targeted for early and complete recovery

Mar 29

Arthroscopic Ligament Repair and Reconstruction
Arthroscopic or key hole surgeries are associated with minimal skin incision and dissection. With the help of illumination and high resolution camera, all the procedures are being done in side the joint with high precision. End to end repair can be done in repairable ligament injury and in irreparable ligament injury, reconstruction is possible.
Mar 29

bone care

Bone and muscle are the building blocks of human body which provide the mobility. Weakness of bone or muscle by diseases or injury should be treated promptly to avoid any further deterioration of activity status. Decrease activity may lead to complications like further decrease in bone quality (osteoporosis), chest infections like pneumonia and bedsores.
Mar 29

joint care

Joints make us mobile. Each joint is lined by cartilage (soft bone) to provide a smooth surface and contains lubricating fluid inside to reduce the friction. Injury to the joint and associated structures make the joint stiff and restrict to perform certain activity. In case of cartilage damage, now modern armamentariums are available for cartilage regeneration and implantation.
Mar 29

ligament repair

Bones are connected each other by strong ligaments and get stability. In case of ligament injury, end to end ligament repair by various suturing technique is useful for ligament healing. Augmentation with fibre wires and suture anchors provide early return to activity.
Mar 29

ligament reconstruction

Badly injured ligaments and injury to intraarticular ligaments need reconstruction rather than repair. The affected ligaments need to be replaced by other ligaments harvested from any other sites of the same individual or may be from other sources. The reconstructed ligament will behave and perform just like the original ligament
Mar 29

complex trauma

Badly injured ligaments and injury to intraarticular ligaments need reconstruction rather than repair. The affected ligaments need to be replaced by other ligaments harvested from any other sites of the same individual or may be from other sources. The reconstructed ligament will behave and perform just like the original ligament
Mar 29

spinal disorders and deformity correction

Scoliosis and kyphosis are some of the frequently occurring spinal disorders. With the advent of new technology, such deformity can be treated and corrected with very low risk of complications.
Mar 29

spine care

Our back has a network of muscles, tendons, ligaments, vertebrae, and vertebral discs, which work harmoniously to support our body and permit various movements. In case of muscle weakness, disc prolapse or degenerative changes of vertebral bone, induvial may feel the back and neck pain with difficulties and discomfort in spine movement. Various modalities such as pharmacotherapy, physiotherapy, nerve root injection and surgeries are there to help patient to come out from such distressful situation.
Mar 29

paediatrics orthopaedics

Unlike adult, bone care and treatment modality in paediatric age group ids completely different. The bone in paediatric patients are immature and still under process of development. The bone union and correction of deformity happens in way different than the adult bone, hence the treatment.
Mar 29

bone tumour treatment

Both types of bone tumours such as aggressive (malignant) and non-aggressive (benign) is seen in our population. Mallignant tumours generally being resected and reconstructive procedure is needed. Benign tumous generally don’t need reconstructive procedure after removal.
Mar 29

bone deformity correction

Systems like Illizarov and LRS are mostly used in deformity correction and achievement of limb length. New bone can be formed and bone can be lengthened by this system to correct deformity or to compensate for the bone loss.


It’s a medical speciality that emphasizes the diagnosis and treatment of conditions, disorders, and injuries concerning the muscles, bones, joints, tendons, ligaments, and nerves.
Muscle, tendons, or joint pain that lasts for more than a few days. Trouble in performing normal activities like walking, taking up the stairs or lifting, or carrying light items. Dreadful joint pain that worsens during the resting period. Swelling or bursting around a particular joint or injury location. Signs and symptoms of infection including warmth, inflammation, fever, or redness, Joint deformity, etc.
It refers to a condition that consists of inflammation of joints. There are more than 100 types of arthritis seen in human, causing pain, stiffness, and swelling in joints.
It’s an autoimmune disease that damages the lining of joints. There is inflammation of synovial tissue around the joint and destroy the bones and joint over a period of time.
It mostly refers to a progressive age-related condition that gradually damages the cartilage encircling the bone ends and is common in the weight bearing joints like knee, hip, and spine.
Among the wide range of treatments that Orthopaedic professionals deliver, there are medications, physical therapy, braces, casts, surgery, etc. The treatment plan will vary according to the type of injury or disease, and its severity.
It might vary as per the type of surgery and the patient who undergoes it. Additionally, offering you an in-depth recovery plan and instructions concerning post-surgical care, your Orthopaedic doctor may also offer a detailed recovery plan.
Your possibility of sustaining Orthopaedic injuries and conditions can be eliminated if you follow a few steps. Maintaining a health regime, performing regular exercises, using proper form when lifting heavy objects, wearing protective gear when participating in sports, etc., can help you overlook repetitive motions that might pressurize your muscles and joints.
Sprain is an injury to the ligament, which is the tissue that binds the bones together. Strain is an injury to the muscle or the tendon, which is the tissue that connects muscles to the bones. Both might lead to pain, swelling, and limited motion.
An arthroscopy is typically a minimally invasive surgery that leverages a small camera using a small, flexible tube known as an arthroscope to enable doctors to see through a joint. This process helps to diagnose and treat conditions as diverse as torn ligaments. Damaged cartilage, and arthritis.